The ease of living when you can read

Some countries do not have the basics that we in the north and most of Europe have and it is easy to forget how hard it is to fit in if you come from a country without an education. Some of the immigrants coming to Sweden placed outside of society and it is much the effect of lack of school in their previous countries. By increasing the knowledge and the ability to read and write, not only in Swedish but in English they can learn and develop and much faster become a part of their new home.

Its a big change having to leave your home and start up in a new place. But it gets even bigger when you have no prior education or lack the ability to write and read. The basics of interacting and if you can have a deeper knowledge of these things learning a new language, something that is important to be able to feel that you fit in and take your place becomes a much harder task to deal with. Therefore has Botkyrka in Sweden started these small workshops in able to get people to meet like-minded people who are in the same shoes. This has proven very effective both for educational purpose, they come from different countries and are forced to speak in another language to be able to interact with each other. Also it has proven to increase the phase at wish they learn to read and write. We want to decrease the percentage of people who aren’t able to read and in return increase educational and knowledge levels across the entire society. You are welcome to accompany us on our workshops and can find more about them over at