Meet-up and greet-up

About a week ago we had a meet-up and greet-up in Botkyrka and it was a hit straight away.

We had several institutions and library chiefs present and they all pulled their weight in sharing their view on how to build our future functionalilliteracy which we hope more european countries will connect with soon.

Opening up with some Swedish ”tipsrunda”

For those of you who wasn’t present at this meetup a ”tipsrunda” is a sort of quiz, you walk around and find these papers with numbers on them 1-10 and there are some questions with 3 different answers on them: 1 X 2.

But we wanted to make it a little more exiting and get everyone to relax. We were fortunate enough that Airboard Sverige lend us 5 airboards on which our contestants would ride around 5 at a time doing the quiz whilst the others had some welcoming snacks and mingle. Then we changed it up until everyone had made the quiz. The one with the best results would win a book of course.

About the meeting

It started out with our own guest speaker Agata Mölne who talked about our project and what we are trying to achieve with this site and what our missions are. Afterwards we dove into some more interesting matters, Kristotoles talked about his story when he started as a librarian back in Greece in 1982 and how much has changed over the past years. A very entangling story full of memories and great tips to take with us back when we develop a new strategy for the next two years on how to increase traction to our now 5 years old project.

We hope all you who attended had a great time and thank you for all the great ideas on how to build this even further.